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Student Rights

Students are afforded the following rights in the student conduct system:

Notification – The student shall be notified of the policy violation that the respondent allegedly violated.  The notification will include the time and place of the hearing and the hearing body to which the case is assigned.  All notifications and correspondence will be sent via university email.

Hearing - The student has the right to represent themselves in person before a decision is made, unless the student fails to appear at the hearing.  If the complainant or respondent does not attend the designated hearing, the hearing may continue in the student’s absence.

Information – The student will have access to all information presented in the hearing to determine responsibility of the alleged policy violation.  The student may present as much or as little information as the student so chooses.  The student is not required to participate in the hearing, but in doing so, loses the opportunity to voice their perspective on the proceedings. 

Witnesses – The student may present witnesses who have information regarding the facts of the case which help determine whether the respondent is responsible for the alleged violations.  Character witnesses are not permitted except if a respondent is found responsible for a policy violation.  In the sanctioning phase of a hearing, a student may present two character witnesses to speak on their behalf.

Silent Advisor - The student has the right to be assisted by a silent advisor of their choice throughout the hearing process. However, the complainant and respondent are responsible for presenting their case. The silent advisor may only advise the student and may not actively participate in the disciplinary process.  The silent advisor may be a lawyer, but the proceedings are not a court case and the silent advisor may not speak during the hearing.

Written Decision – The student will receive written notification of the hearing results and any sanction(s) if applicable as soon as possible after the hearing is concluded.  This decision will be communicated via university email to the student.

Appeal – The student has the right to appeal the outcome of the decision.  Appeal procedures are described in Part 5: Appeal of Disciplinary Sanctions.

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