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The University has the authority to impose sanctions on students who violate University regulations.  Upon a plea or a finding of responsibility, the hearing body shall determine appropriate sanctions.  Sanctions shall bear a reasonable relation to the nature of the violation of University regulations for which the sanction is imposed. In determining possible sanctions, the University shall consider the violation at hand, the welfare of the student and the University community, the prior disciplinary record of the student, and will assign the minimum sanction necessary to prevent the behavior from recurring.  Commonly imposed sanctions are listed and defined below.  Each hearing body may use other creative educational sanctions that are designed to be developmental in nature.

Administrative Assessment

The student is fined an amount of money up to $2,000.00 to be paid to the University.

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Assessment

A student may be referred to the Counseling Center or other appropriate provider for an assessment to identify alcohol and/or substance misuse/abuse risk factors, likelihood, and potential recommendations for treatment.

Educational Sanction

An educational sanction refers to attendance or participation in a prearranged class, program or activity.  Educational sanctions are designed to educate or address a particular behavior, topic or issue.

Election of Withdrawal

When the violation is one that indicates possible suspension or expulsion, the respondent may elect to withdraw from the institution without appearing before the Student Disciplinary Council. The respondent shall sign a statement indicating that they have been advised of their rights to a hearing and an appeal but instead intend to withdraw from the University on their own accord. In each case in which the gravity of the allegations suggests possible suspension or expulsion and the respondent does not elect to withdraw, the case must be heard by the Student Disciplinary Council.


Forced removal from University Housing, a classroom, or other University Premises.


Permanent, forced withdrawal from the University.  This sanction can only be imposed by the Student Disciplinary Council.

Loss of Visitation Privileges

Period of time where a student loses all visitation privileges. During loss of visitation privileges the student is not allowed to check visitors into their residence hall, and they are not allowed to be checked into the residence hall of any other student.

Parental Notification

A written sanction that notifies and discloses to a parent, parents or legal guardian of a student who is under the age of 21, information regarding the violation of University regulations governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled or other intoxicating substance.


Official written or oral statement to the student that they have taken responsibility for or have been found responsible for violating a University regulation.  The reprimand warns that any further such actions may result in a more severe sanction.


Compensation to the University or an individual for damages to University property or personal property.

Social Probation

Status given to less serious policy violations, and in some cases, a restriction of privileges for a specified time.


Forced withdrawal from the University for a specific period of time or until stated conditions have been met as determined by the Student Disciplinary Council.

Temporary Suspension

In the event that a student has allegedly violated a University policy and presents a clear and present danger of harm to the student, to any member of the University Community, to University property, or to University activities, the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee may impose such temporary measures as are necessary to protect the student, the University Community, University property, and/or the ongoing activities of the University. Such temporary sanctions may exist and be enforced only until final disposition of the case has been made by the appropriate hearing body.

University Probation

Status which carries a severe warning that any further violation of University regulations may result in the student being required to appear before the Student Disciplinary Council for consideration of suspension or expulsion. University Probation may include restriction of privileges for a specified period of time.

Service Work

Mandated service to the University or designated community agency to be completed within a specified time frame.

* Parental Notification for students under 21 was implemented in January 2001.                                                                                                                                             

** Failure to comply with the alcohol and drug assessment may result in additional parental notification, and referral to an outside agency, at cost to the student, and a requirement that the student must follow-up with the recommendations of that evaluation.  Return to Top

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