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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

The ends of the semester (and midterms) are busy times in the academic semester.  Many students have employment, family and extra-curricular commitments which seem to “pile on” and make these times even more difficult.  Students may try to come up with creative ways or shortcuts to help check off assignments on their to-do list.  Below you will find some reasons why some students turn to “alternative strategies” for getting things done and how these “alternative strategies” can have a significant and lasting impact on their educational journey. 

(Some) reasons why students employ academically dishonest behaviors are because they are…crunched for time…super stressed…copying and pasting is just so easy…

How is it done?  There are lots of ways.  Some include buying papers or projects from a friend or online source.  Using a paper or project from previous classes and submitting it to a different teacher.   Borrowing notes, papers and tests from a friend or collaborating with a friend on an assignment. Creating and submitting fake doctor’s notes or other credentials as valid documentation.  

So, how can Academic Dishonesty impact you?  Read on.  The consequences may include a failing grade on the assignment, failing the course, Educational Sanctions (such as removal from the Course, University Service, Preclusion from Graduating with Honors), suspension or expulsion. 

If you are crunched for time or are having difficulty completing an assignment, contact your professor and explain the circumstances.  Inquire about the possibility of an extension.  It is better to take a penalty on the assignment rather than risk your position in the class or the University with an Academic Integrity violation.

Included below are some resources to aid in homework assistance, check out these campus resources:

EKU Libraries

Noel Studio

EKU Gurus

EKU Center for Career and Co-Op

EKU Counseling Center

EKU Disability Services Office

EKU Tutoring Center

EKU Testing Center

EKU  Academic Integrity

Sources & Resources

Student Rights and Responsibilities

International Center for Academic Integrity

Published on April 01, 2014

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